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For Public Speakers

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In addition to the work Larry does in his Public Speaking Classes, Larry will coach you through an hour session that is about centering your mind and body giving you a sense of Relaxation and Awareness. This coaching can be done as a standalone session or in addition to your Public Speaking session.

Having a sense of control, awareness and relaxation allows you to be a more powerful person and a conveyor of your message.

Unlike many techniques that can almost put you to sleep, Larry encourages active Relaxation and Awareness.  Larry will help you take the energy that you are throwing away and teach you to focus it within so that you become energized, not sleepy. After this work, you should be able to walk on stage and give a superb performance or deliver a commanding speech.

Larry will reintroduce you to your spine, your breathing and your unique power that will free you to be more powerful on stage or behind the podium, before any kind of audience small or large.

Larry can come to your office, home or neutral practice space as long as it is conducive to focused work.

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