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After the play, Hamlet, at the Broadhurst Theater, NYC:

Woman #1: I didn't know Hamlet died at the end. I was so surprised!
Woman #2: Jude Law was still hot, though.

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Are you getting ready for college, university or conservatory auditions? Larry can help you from monologue selection advice, to preparation, to polishing your audition technique—always tailored according to your institution's audition specifications.

Larry has been doing this for over 30 years!

These are classical monologues on which Larry has worked with his students.
More will be added in time.

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William Shakespeare
Larry provides you will the opening line of each monologue below. Copy and do a web search to see the monologue. Larry hopes to have direct links to these monologues in the future.

Good sources for these are: which provides all of William Shakespeare's plays free.

And where you can search directly for the speeches.

ADRIANA--Ay, Ay, Antipholus
ANGELO--From Thee, Even From Thy Virtue!
ANGELO--Who Will Believe Thee
ANGELO--When I Would Pray And Think
ANTONIO--But Little: I Am Arm'd
ANTONY--Friends, Romans, Countrymen
ANTONY--O Pardon Me
ARTHUR--Too Fairly, Hubert, For So Foul Effect:
BASSANIO--What Find I Here?
BASSANIO--O Sweet Portia
BASTARD--Mad World!
BEATRICE--Is A Not Approved
BENEDICK--I Do Much Wonder
BENEDICK--O, She Misused Me
BENEDICK--This Can Be No Trick
BEROWNE--O! And I Forsooth In Love
BOTTOM--When My Cue Comes
BOYET--Under The Cool Shade
CAESAR--I Must Prevent Thee, Cimber
CASSIUS--I Know That Virtue
CASSIUS--Why Man, He Doth Bestride
CHORUS--Two Households, Both Alike In Dignity
CLEOPATRA--No More, But E'en A Woman
CLAUDIO--Ay, But To Die
CLAUDIUS--O, My Offense Is Rank
CONSTANCE--Thou Art Not Holy
CRESSIDA--Boldness Comes To Me Now
CRESSIDA--O You Immortal Gods
DEMETRIUS--My Lord, Fair Helen Told Me
DOGBERRY--Dost Thou Not Suspect
DUCHESS/ELINOR--Why Droops My Lord
EDGAR--I Heard Myself Proclaimed
EDMUND--Thou, Nature, Art My Goddess
EGEUS--Happy Be Theseus
EMILIA (Othello)--But I Do Think
EMILIA (TNK)--That You Would Ne'er Deny Me
ENOBARBUS--I Will Tell You
FERDINAND--Let Fame, That All Hunt
GLOUCESTER--Was Ever Woman
GONERIL--Did My Father Strike
GONERIL--Not Only, Sir
GRUMIO--Now I Begin: Imprimis
HAMLET--O That This Too Too Sullied Flesh
HAMLET--I Will Tell You Why
HAMLET--Now I Am Alone
HAMLET--O All You Host Of Heaven
HAMLET--To Be Or Not To Be
HAMLET--Speak The Speech, I Pray You
HAMLET--Now I Might Do It Pat
HAMLET--How All Occasions Do Inform
HELENA (AMND)--How Happy Some
HELENA (AMND)--Lo! She Is One
HELENA (AMND)--O Spite! O Hell!
HELENA (AWTEW)--Then I Confess (PNAO)
HELENA (AWTEW)--Till I Have No Wife
HERMIONE--Since What I Am To Say
HERMIONE--Sir, Spare Your Thoughts
HERO--Good Margaret
HERO--Why You Speak Truth
IACHIMO--The Crickets Sing
IAGO--And What's He Then
IMOGEN--I See A Man's Life
IMOGEN--Oh, For A Horse With Wings
ISABELLA--To Whom Should I Complain
JAQUES--A Fool, A Fool!
JAQUES--All The World's A Stage
JOAN LA PUCELLE--The Regent Conquers
JULIA--And Yet I Would I Had
JULIA--Nay Would I Were So Anger'd
JULIA--How Many Woman
JULIA--And She Shall Thank You For't
JULIET--Farewell! God Knows When
JULIET--Shall I Speak Ill
JULIET--Gallop Apace
JULIET--O Romeo, Romeo!
JULIET--The Clock Struck Nine
JULIET--Thou Know'st The Mask
KATHARINA--Fie! Fie! Unknit
KING HENRY IV--I Know Thee Not, Old Man
KING HENRY V--St Crispian
KING HENRY V--We Are Glad The Dauphin
KING RICHARD II--No Matter Where
LADY ANNE--Foul Devil
LADY ANNE Set Down, Set Down
LADY ANNE--When He That
LADY MACBETH--Was The Hope Drunk
LADY PERCY--Go Not To These Wars
LAUNCE--Nay, 'Twill Be This Hour
LAUNCELOT--Certainly My Conscience
LAERTES--Think It No More
LEWIS--Your Grace Shall Pardon Me
LUCIANA--And May It Be
MACBETH--If It Were Done
MACBETH--Is This A Dagger
MACBETH--Two Truths Are Told
MALVOLIO--Daylight And Champaign
MARK ANTONY--Hark! The Land Bids Me
MISTRESS PAGE--What, Have I Scaped Love-Letters
NURSE--Even Or Odd
OBERON--I Know A Bank
OBERON--Well, Go Thy Way
OBERON--Welcome, Good Robin
OLIVIA--'What Is Your Parentage?'
OLIVIA--O By Your Leave
OPHELIA--They Bore Him Barefaced (mad scene)
ORSINO--If Music Be The Food Of Love
PAULINA--What Studied Torments, Tyrant
PAROLLES--Save You Fair Queen!
PETRUCHIO--Thus Have I Potilically Begun My Reign
PHEBE-- I Would Not Be Thy Executioner
PHEBE--Think Not I Love Him
PISANIO--How Of Adultery
POLONIUS--Yet Here, Laertes!
PORTER--Here's A Knocking Indeed
PORTIA (JC)--Brutus Is Wise/Is Brutus Sick
PORTIA (JC)--Not For Yours Neither
PORTIA (TMOV)--Come On Nerissa
PORTIA (TMOV)--The Quality Of Mercy
PORTIA (TMOV)--I Pray You Tarry
PORTIA (TMOV)--You See Me, Lord Bassanio
PRINCESS OF FRANCE--A Time, Methinks,Too Short
PROSPERO--And Mine Shall
PROTEUS--Even As One Heat
PUCK--Through The Forest
PUCK--My Mistress
PUCK--If We Shadows
QUEEN MARGARET--My Lord Of Suffolk
QUEEN MARGARET--Brave Warriors
ROMEO--But, Soft!
ROMEO--'Tis Torture And Not Mercy
ROSALIND--And Why I Pray You
SEBASTIAN--This Is The Air
SHEPARD--I Would There Were No Age
SHYLOCK--Signior Antonio
SHYLOCK--If It Will Feed Nothing Else
SHYLOCK--I Have Possess'd Your Grace
TAMORA--Not So, My Lord
TITANIA--These Are The Forgeries Of Jealousy
TITANIA--Set Your Heart At Rest
TRINCULO--Here's Neither Bush Nor Shrub
TROILUS--O Pandarus!
VIOLA--I Left No Ring With Her
VOLUMNIA--Nay, Go Not From Us Thus
YOUNG CLIFFORD--Shame And Confusion

Patience! more to come! What? No patience? Looking for a monologue that isn't posted? Write to Larry: (Subject line: 'Monologues'). Tell him your problems.
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George Bernard Shaw
Larry provides you will the opening line of each monologue below. Click on the > for a download of the monologue. Be sure to read the whole play for context if you find a monologue you like. You can find them here:

BARBARA / Major Barbara—That Is Why >
Candida—Never Mind That >
Heartbreak House—A Man's Interest >
Saint Joan—You Mistake Me, My Lord >
Pygmalion —Dont Say That, Governor >
Saint Joan—I Think That God >
Misalliance—Dont Be Alarmed, Ma'am >
Misalliance—Oh Lots >
Saint Joan—Ah, If, If, If, If >
Saint Joan—Where Would You All >
Saint Joan—Yes, They Told Me >
Misalliance—If Kipling Wants To Remember >
Heartbreak House—I Know What You Must Feel >
Misalliance—But Your Johnny >
Androcles and the Lion—No, I Couldn't. >
Misalliance—Smash it. Dont hesitate: it's an ugly thing. >
Heartbreak House—Of Course You Don't Understand >
Mrs Warren's Profession—I Mean That Youre Throwing >
Mrs Warren's Profession—Well, Of Course Dearie >
Misalliance—Well, But Does That Matter >
Saint Joan—It Isnt Service, Polly >
Don Juan in Hell—Well, Well, Go Your Way >
Saint Joan—I Submit To You >
Misalliance—No, Thats Just It >
Major Barbara—Poverty >
Mrs Warren's Profession—It Would Not Matter >

Pshaw! Hopefully more soon. But this will keep you busy.
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Thomas Middleton
The Changeling

DEFLORES--Yonder's she. What ail's me?
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George Farquhar
The Beaux-Stratagem

MRS. SULLEN--O sister, sister! if ever you marry
ARCHER-- Those are the most miserable wights in being
AIMWELL--There’s something in that which may turn to advantage

More--Zounds! Soon!
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John Webster
The Duchess of Malfi

DUCHESS--The misery of us that are born great!
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Due to Copyright restrictions on these Richard Wilbur translations, listings only.

The Misanthrope

ACASTE--By Jove, when I survey myself
ALCESTE--Frankly, that sonnet should be pigeonholed
ALCESTE--Ah, traitress--
ARSINOE--That won't be necessary
CELIMENE--Madam, I haven't taken you amiss
CELIMENE--Madame, do not misjudge my attitude:
CELIMENE--Oh, stop it. Don't be such a jealous dunce
ELIANTE--Love, as a rule, affects men otherwise


CLEANTE--So I've been told before
DORINE--Yes, so he tells us
ELMIRE--Yes. I've a little secret to unfold
TARTUFFE--I may be pious, but I'm human, too
ORGON--Oh, had you seen Tartuffe as I first knew him
PHILINTE--Come, let's forget the follies of the times

The Learned Ladies

ARISTE--For shame. That's nonsense
ARMANDE--Oh dear, you crave such squalid satisfaction
CLITANDRE--Well, I'm aware, though you may blush to hear it
HENRIETTE--But Heaven, in its wise omnipotence
HENRIETTE--No, no: first love, Sir, is too strong a feeling
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Oscar Wilde
The Importance of Being Earnest

ALGERNON--I haven’t the smallest intention of doing anything of the kind
GWENDOLYN--Oh! It is strange he never mentioned to me that he had a ward
JACK--I fear there can be no possible doubt about the matter


SALOME--There is no sound. I hear nothing.
SALOME--Ah, Iokanaan, Iokanaan, thou wert a man...

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Henrik Ibsen
There are so many translations of these plays. Take these opening line and compare them to several sources. Then choose the one that comes easiest for you to speak. If you are new to Ibsen, take heed: unless you are highly skilled with handling stylized language, choose a more recent translation. And even there you have to be careful not to choose one so up to date it sounds neither Norwegian nor of its time and place.

The Wild Duck

HEDWIG--Daddy! Daddy! Don't go away from me.

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Anton Chekov

There are so many translations of these plays. Take these opening lines and compare them to several sources. Then choose the one that comes easiest for you to speak. If you are new to Chekhov, take heed: unless you are highly skilled with handling stylized language, choose a more recent translation. And even there you have to be careful not to choose one so up to date it sounds neither Russian nor of its time and place.

BORKIN--Hang on a minute, I do believe today's Sasha's Birthday, eh?
IVANOV--It's only too true. I suppose I'm very much to blame...
ANNA--I'm beginning to think I've been unlucky, Doctor.
ANNA--I'm really surprised how long-suffering you all are.
IVANOV--I don't understand it. It seems to me that either...but no.
SASHA--There are a lot of things that men don't understand.
IVANOV--Do you think so? No, I'm not mad.

The Cherry Orchard
LOPAKHIN--I wish I could tell you something...
RANEVSKAYA--Oh, my sins---I've always squandered money...
TROFIMOV--Mankind goes forward, perfecting his powers.
TROFIMOV--Varya is so afraid...
LOPAKHIN--I bought it!

The Sea Gull
TREPLEV--Why? She's bored. And jealous.
TREPLEV--We need new forms. New forms are needed...
TREPLEV--This began the evening that my play failed so stupidly.
TRIGORIN--Well, then, let's talk. We'll talk about my beautiful, brilliant life.
NINA--Why do you say you kissed the ground I walked on?

The Three Sisters
VERSHININ--You know a great deal that is useless!
CHEBUTYKIN--The hell with them--all of them!
VERSHININ--When the fire broke out I ran home as fast as I could....
IRINA--Where? Where has it all gone?
OLGA--Darling, I'm speaking to you as a sister, as a friend...
MASHA--My dear sisters, I want to confess.
ANDREI--I'll just say it and then go.
KULYGIN--Well, today the military are leaving and everything will get back to normal.
KULYGIN--My dear sister-in-law, may I offer you...
TUZENBACH--What trifles, what silly little things....

Uncle Vanya ten years I've become a different man.
ASTROV--You can heat your stoves with peat and build your barns with brick.
ELENA--Ah, both indolent AND bored!
ASTROV--On the whole, I love life, but our narrow, provincial Russian life...I cannot endure.
ELENA--It's not a question of forests and medicine...
ELENA--There's nothing worse than knowing someone's secret...
VANYA--I am ashamed! If you only knew how ashamed I am!
SONYA--What can we do, though? We must live our lives!

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