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Public Speaking for College and Prep School Candidates

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Larry works with Candidates for College and Prep School and their Interview Preparation

Planning for college and prep school is exciting for all young students: Junior High, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors alike. Larry believes that, together, students and parents need to take charge of a student’s educational future.

If a student goes into a college or prep school interview, no matter the level—even at the elite Ivy League school level, and bombs, it will unquestionably hurt their educational future. Proper preparation for that interview changes the whole game. It is the college/prep school search and application process that stimulates focus for any candidate. Interests, goals, curricular and extra-curricular choices and scholastic achievements point the way to prep, college and university choices, if they are not already chosen or known. Even if they are already chosen and known, every student should know how to verbalize their thinking and express themselves freely—with confidence and conviction. Larry helps make this happen.

As with his business and corporate clients, Larry knows there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the college/prep school search and the process of being accepted. Every student is different, every family has their own dynamic. Larry’s focus is on giving candidates the tools to open up, clarify and articulate their backstory, their current thinking and progress, and their vision for the future. The Socratic advice of “know thyself” is sound. For Prep school, early coaching is ideal. Ninth grade is not too early to know how to handle questions and answers and investigate what happens after high school. Early 12th grade is not too late to get pointed in the right direction for college. Larry helps candidates self-evaluate through guided brainstorming and self-reflection, looking for truth and honesty at every turn. Larry helps candidates highlight strengths, unique character traits and their own human worth. He helps candidates identify how they have overcome any setbacks, and craft honest stories and answers for every school that makes it to their personal list. Larry teaches candidates how to research individual prep schools, colleges and universities, how each institution is structured, what each one offers and what each institution expects in return.

Many prepare for interviews only thinking about keeping good eye contact, practicing good posture and etiquette, including showing up on time and turning cellphones off. Don’t get me wrong, these are important and Larry does deal with this! But they are the dessert, not the main meal. Without the preparation of the human going into the interview, mere proper behavior rings empty, artificial and dare I say, coached. Larry’s experience has been that when a human being walks in the door, etiquette and proper behavior solve themselves.

That is why Larry’s sole focus is on the communication side of preparation. Human expression.

Larry does not tutor for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT or SAT Subject Tests. Larry does not tutor for individual subjects or work to fill out applications, except when it comes to essay expression. Let’s all—parent, student and Larry—work together on the person, the student, the candidate. It starts with a phone call or email. Subject Line: “College Interview Coach”.

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How To Book with Larry
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All of our son's college applications are in. Fingers crossed for the wait now. Thanks for your help.
—a parent readying their son for college. We prepped him for his interviews.
Once again, thank you so much for helping our son. I think you were really able to develop some fundamentals for him to work with; also, you were able to establish a certain good trust level that he felt quite comfortable in expressing himself. I think that he really enjoyed your lessons. We will see how his school schedule is like and may be in the future we will be asking for more of your help. I will certainly refer you to my friends who may be interested in such coaching.
—a High School parent prepping their son for college
Hi Larry. Thanks for reaching out to us. Jack knocked it out of the park with his speech! Working with you was great and helped him a lot. Enjoy the summer!
— Parents of a Manhattan middle school student who was giving his graduation speech
Larry is a very knowledgeable and experienced public speaking tutor. The strategies and tools he teaches are very effective and he has a great rapport with our children. He takes the time to understand their individual needs and has many ideas on how to engage them in ways that are creative and fun. Since working with Larry they have improved greatly in their abilities to organize their thoughts and are much more confident in their presentation and speaking skills. We have been very pleased with our sessions with Larry and highly recommend him as a tutor.
-J., a Westchester County, NY Mom
Thank you Larry. I really think that our son is enjoying your coaching and taking all your advice to heart. We will continue to reinforce on our end.
—a client whose son I am working with via FaceTime
Thank you so much for all your time and efforts in helping "James" last week. Based on your astute observation and great coaching, I believe he has made good progress. I sincerely appreciate all your valuable feedback and I hope that he will take all your comments to heart. Would be great if you could drop him some written pointers and words of encouragement too.
"James" does seem to be a bit more conversant and ready to share his thoughts too after your sessions. When I asked him if he’d like to continue with your coaching he said “fine”. The fact that he did not resist with the idea is a huge step; it actually means that he finds your sessions helpful and productive. Thank you.
—an international client

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