Pecha-Kucha Or The Art of Being Precise

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One of the ways Larry helps public speakers is by introducing the Pecha-Kucha style.
Pecha-Kucha teaches the art of precise presentation.

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If you are looking for a fresh approach to presenting your material and yourself, Larry will coach you through a refreshing alternative platform known as Pecha-Kucha.

You can turn PowerPoint, very often a loathed and deadly experience, into poetry and art. And much against one's knee-jerk expectation, your colleagues will love you for it. Even if you can't get the gumption to use it at corporate headquarters you will learn how to cut the fat in your speeches and streamline your thinking process. You will never go back to boring people with presentations that looked like the 20 you gave before.

Get away from the drudgery of a PowerPoint presentation and turn it into a competition with yourself to beat the clock. If your firm adopts the Pecha-Kucha style, you can have a competition with your colleagues.

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It's easy. You get 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each. That equals six minutes and 40 seconds. If it takes longer than that to get your message across, you lose.

You will learn to match the words you say to the images illuminated above you.

You will learn to say what you mean, mean what you say, then, as the creators of Pecha-Kucha say,
"sit the hell down."

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Goodbye to PowerPoint words that zip in and out for no reason.

Goodbye to bullet point after bullet point after mind-numbing, banal bullet point.

PowerPoint Hell.

Hello Pecha-Kucha!

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