In New Mexico: Santa Fe/Albuquerque/Taos by appointment.
Nationally and Internationally: online via FaceTime.
Former NYC area clients: via FaceTime.

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Larry Gleason
Public Speaking Coach

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A surfeit of effort overcomes a deficit of confidence.
Sonia Sotomayor / U. S. Supreme Court Justice

Public Speaking and The Art of Communicating Effectively

Larry works with non-actors who need to improve their communication skills in public situations and speaking before an audience whether it be giving a speech or presentation.
Larry evaluates your ability to communicate ideas in a public setting: what is being communicated, how it is communicated and how it is received. Larry calls this "The Communication Loop" and he looks for signs where, in that loop, communication breaks down.
The fix is personally designed on you: your personality, the nature and type of your presentation, your goals, what holds you back, etc.
Conversely, he doesn't fix what isn't broken, but seeks to make what's working work even better.

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Public Speaking Coach for

    • Club Officers
    • Business Leaders
    • Group Leaders
    • Groups of Employees
    • Lawyers
    • Religious Leaders
    • Politicians
    • Staffers
    • Seasoned or First-time speakers
    • Non-actors
  • College-Bound Students (click here)
    • Young adults
    (click here)
    • Anyone who has to speak in front of large or small groups

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Larry's Goal

is to improve your performance in the public arena so you, too, can receive feedback like this from peers and clients alike:

"Thanks again for speaking at the Leadership Foundations Initiative this morning. You brought great energy to the room and it showed by all the questions that were asked. Your personal anecdotes were a tremendous support for the day’s messaging and the participants appreciated your candor. If you have anything to add, it would be great to hear any tips you might have for those who aren’t managers but may be leading teams/running projects and need to lead and influence without authority. Looking forward to seeing you again next week for round two!"

Peer-to-peer praise at a major Wall Street financial institution

So whether you need to:
  • Deliver a keynote speech
  • Make a presentation at a company meeting
  • Speak at a professional conference
  • Prep for Job or College Interviews
  • Make a proposal at a workplace meeting
  • Address a local club or societal gathering
  • Communicate to a group larger than you are accustomed
  • Communicate your ideas one-on-one
  • Give an eulogy or other solemn talk

Larry will help you learn to deal with:
  • Presentation Preparation and Organization
  • Stage Fright (click here)
  • Vocal Projection and Presence
  • Physical Projection and Presence
  • Tone and Delivery
  • Breathing (click here)
  • Relaxation (click here)
  • Knowing Your Audience and more

Larry works with a wide range of clients.
His diverse list has included:

• a CVA trader, analyst and vice-president at Barclays
• a vice president at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
• a TEDXVilnius speaker and director at
• two sons of a NY hedge hund Manager
• a director of Data Engineering at WeWork
• a data engineer at WeWork and founder of AI Narrator
• a vice-president of National Accounts at Brixmor
• an executive director in Media and Entertainment, former NFLer
• a HRBP at Credit Suisse, London
• a Deloitte senior manager
• a managing director at Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory
• an ERS Senior Manager at Deloitte & Touche LLP, ACCA, CPA
• a founder and CEO of worksocial, Jersey City
• an 8-year daughter of a Bombay philanthropist and socialite
• a managing partner, Chiomenti-Studio Legale
• a 1st VP with UBS Wealth management
• a NYC psychotherapist and relationship counselor
• an after-school Pubic Speaking program at St Hilda's St Hugh's School near Columbia University
• a partner at Ernst & Young
• a VP and GM for advertising at
• a director at Stabilis Capital Management
• a national managing partner at Grant Thornton
• a class of 9-12 year old future entrepreneurs in Jersey City
• three real estate teams from Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services
• designer and founder of OpenBox
• two management teams from Diesel USA
• an analyst at Barclays Capital
• a real estate services executive
• a partner of an accountant and advisor LLP
• a managing director, head of corporate finance for a leading European Bank
• VP of Sales and Marketing for a national Sports Network
• President and CEO of a NASDAQ-listed corporate services company
• a real estate investment banker
• the founder of a revolutionary biomedical technology startup
• one of Food and Wine Magazine's "Ten Best Chefs" and a TEDtalks speaker.
• an associate advisor for an top international law LLP
• an ovarian cancer foundation President
• a NYC litigation firm attorney and partner
• a rising B2B keynote speaker
• a Bronx women's health initiative CEO
• an independent project management consultant formerly with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
• a CMO with America OnLine
• a public relations staff for a private foundation
• a NYC construction management engineer
• a real estate investment advisor
• a U.S. Congressional candidate
• New York State Representative candidates
• New Jersey Congressional candidates
• Wall Street Investment Bankers
• a Wall Street trader and spokesman
• a Wall Street insurance broker
• a Wall Street financial house VP
• a private capital investment partner
• a brand name vodka sales pitchwoman
• a distinguished pediatrician
• a Hackensack University Medical Center physician
• a travel website owner
• a United Nations forum speaker
• an economic forum developer
• an independent film director
• a best man at a wedding
• a father of the bride
• a NYC French bistro owner
• an actress from Italy
• a media artist, Assistant professor for the Digital Arts and Sciences program at Clarkson University
• a media artist, creator of "paintings that move"
• a web interactive designer, programmer, fashion designer
• a software artist, programmer, creator of The Electric Sheep
• an internet art and performance artist using new media
• a Manhattan trial lawyer
• a health coach entrepreneur
• a Goldman Sachs managing director
• a Goldman Sachs infrastructure manager
• a US Coast Guard Lieutenant and Instructor
• a partner (CFE, CAMS) at Deloitte
• a JP Morgan managing director
• a portfolio manager at Van Eck Global
• a NYC arts organization president
• a director at an investment due diligence/financial services research firm
• owner and CEO at a national children's party entertainment company

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The most important thing is to bring all of yourself into a moment. If for even one second you’re like, ‘Oh, I have to go do this,’ people are really smart. They can see when someone is there, or just not quite there.
Yo-Yo Ma / Renowned cellist
Larry Gleason
Public Speaking Consultant to The Five O'Clock Club.

America’s Premier Career Coaching and Outplacement Network for Professionals, Managers, and Executives.
"One organization with a long record of success in helping people find jobs is The Five O'Clock Club "
Larry Gleason
Public Speaking Consultant to Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment teams

Larry worked with individual
Marcus & Millichap teams to improve their focus, delivery and pitch organization.
Larry Gleason
Public Speaking Consultant to Diesel USA

Larry worked with individual
Diesel USA teams to improve management interaction of their field offices across the U. S.
Larry Gleason
Public Speaking Consultant to LISA Conference 2012, 2013 and 2017

Leaders in
Software and Art discovering the latest in technology, the arts, and their union at the Guggenheim Museum in 2012 and at The New School in 2013.
LISA Conference speakers are asked to put together their presentations in the Pecha-kucha style.
Larry Gleason
Public Speaking Consultant to the AFF-Animal Farm Foundation

Animal Farm Foundation's mission is to restore the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier and protect all dogs from discrimination and cruelty.
AFF has been in operation since the early 1980's making a stand against cruelty to animals. They dedicate their efforts, through a variety of services, to improving the lives of dogs labeled "pit bulls" and to protecting all dogs from discrimination and cruelty.
Larry Gleason
Public Speaking Consultant to
DCI -Development Counselors International

DCI is the leader in marketing places. Since 1960, they have worked with more than 350 cities, regions, states and countries, helping them attract both investors and visitors. They specialize exclusively in all phases of economic development and tourism marketing.
Read about Larry in an issue of
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Coaching in Manhattan:
Set fee. Please inquire.

Coaching in Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island:
Set fee plus time and/or transportation.

Coaching beyond NYC and vicinity:
Set fee plus time, transportation and lodging, if required.

Larry can even be present at your presentation.

Call 917.549.5173 or send an e-mail to to discuss your personal situation.

Important! Include a subject line, like 'Public Speaking', or your note will be filtered for spam.

All levels accepted.

It’s very important that anyone who presents themselves as a leader and wants to be a leader will speak like a leader. And that means speaking with integrity. It means speaking truth.
Kamala Harris, United States Senator from California
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Coaching via FaceTime
Do none of the above options work?
Larry will work with you via FaceTime. Set fee applies, but no travel, transportation fees.
FaceTime can be mixed and matched with in-person coaching.

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