In New Mexico: Santa Fe/Albuquerque/Taos by appointment.
Nationally and Internationally: online via FaceTime.
Former NYC area clients: via FaceTime.

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"Dear Larry - The compliments just flooded in. I can't thank you enough. Everyone said what amazing off the cuff remarks. And, best of all, you aren't going to believe this - Julie Taymor (she was there because her husband/partner was one of our honorees) came over and told me that my story totally captured her and she loved it! Can you imagine! And, I have you to thank. Thank you! And, yes, we have more work to do."

J. W. S., a current client

"I'm pleased to say my TEDx talk is online now.

It turned out quite different from the direction I workshopped with you, but the discussion we had was essential to the process which eventually led to this outcome, so thanks!

It went great. I think I nailed it. I was happy with my content, and practiced and learned my talk. When I got up there I breezed through it like a hot knife through butter, though inside I was buzzing.

People were asking me if I spoke professionally, I had to explain that I was new to this! I told them I had been working with a speaking coach -- thanks!"

Speaker at TEDx How art & technology predict the future
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"We always tell our coaches, 'When you give speeches, be sure to inform and entertain!' It's not easy to always deliver, unless you keep getting the training. We're so pleased that we found Larry Gleason—actually through a Google Search! We interviewed him to be the speech tutor for our speakers, and were impressed by his knowledge and infectious enthusiasm. Then he delivered at the seminars. It was exciting to be in the room with him for two hours as he helped the coaches see themselves as others see them, and give guidance for improvement."

Kate Wendleton
The Five O'Clock Club

"The Five O'Clock Club career coaches do a lot of public speaking, and we hired Larry Gleason to provide a few refresher courses on how to ‘kick it up a notch’ at speeches. Larry was brilliant. His insights about how to connect with an audience and get the message across were very helpful. He listened to each coach give a five-minute talk and then offered his detailed feedback—in a kind, gentle and humorous way. There were rave reviews from the coaches, and then reports later about how they had implemented his suggestions. We'll be having Larry back for more workshops."

David Madison, Ph.D.
Senior VP
Director of the Guild of Career Coaches
The Five O'Clock Club

Hear, Hear!

"Hey Larry! The speech went great!!! Everyone loved it and so did my new wife. I thanked everyone I needed to and people liked the couple of the one-liners. I can't thank you enough. Married life is great so far!"
--Andrew H., capital management director

"Hi Larry, the speech was a triumph! I will let you listen to it in a couple of days. Will invite you to the restaurant. Thank you!"
--an upper Eastside Bistro owner and

"The speech went very well. Somehow I was able to memorize everything. Keeping the map structure in my head definitely helped out rather than trying to nail each word. It meant a lot to hear from my family that it was the greatest BEST MAN speech they've ever heard.
I'll be coming back to you in the future. Thanks a lot!"
--Vincent G., analyst at Barclays Capital

H.C., a financial services director, was due to give a BEST MAN speech for his brother. He described himself as a novice presenter, not a sentimental person, yet he needed to give a sentimental speech. Larry coached him on mining material for personal stories, on gauging his audience's expectation, theme selection, framing the speech, word selection, speaking presence and physical presentation. Afterward he wrote:
"Hey Larry just want to say thanks -
you gave me the right amount/type of coaching I needed. The toast went fine....Let me know if you ever need a reference."
--H. C., financial services director

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"Larry: Thanks so much for checking in! The evening was extraordinary - surely one of the peak experiences of my life, as I'm sure, having heard the speech, you could well understand. The speech went off spectacularly. There were laughs, groans, gasps, applause, and kudos. (The curator was thrilled.) And I have to attribute much of the success to you. Our two sessions were invaluable to me. As a therapist, I appreciate what you do, as it is similar to what I do. You made me feel safe, so I was able to take in the constructive critique. To say nothing of the fact that your directions were spot on. They were simple, to the point, and effective. Something really 'clicked' for me by the end of our second session. Stumbling on you on the internet was part of the incredibly lucky 'synchronicities' that have filled this event. I will send you a link to the video (a little shaky - my daughter did it - and it wasn't my best angle - but it captures the vibe) once I get over the technical hurdles to make that happen. There will certainly be more (several people asked why I don't take this show on the road ;)) and I look forward to working with you again. If you want a testimonial anywhere, let me know. I'd be happy to provide. Thanks for all, and again, so nice of you to check in!"
--a psychotherapist, G.B.,Ph.D, LCSW


"Larry—Thank you. I aced it!!!"
— a vice president at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

"Just to let you know that the session went really well.
I felt confident and, well, like a Queen."
--an HRBP at Credit Suisse, London

"I contacted Larry on short notice to help prepare speakers for a major event that I wanted to be "just right".
Larry was extremely professional and accommodating, put the group at ease and really delivered on the promise of toning up people's presentation style with just a couple run-throughs. His coaching made a definite different to our conference. I look forward to hiring him again."
--Isabel Walcott Draves, Founder,
Leaders in Software and Art

"One brief session with Larry was so valuable in helping me connect with the audience. I've participated in public speaking workshops before and still found
Larry's guidance to be extremely helpful in preparing my talk in front of over 200 of my peers at the Guggenheim. Thank you Larry!"
--Erik Sanner, visual artist

"Larry is very talented and insightful. I came to him to become a better public speaker and he taught me how to better communicate. He dramatically improved my comfort level in giving presentations. The sessions I had with him were challenging, fun and had a lasting effect. This is not only on the way I prepare for and give presentations, but also on my awareness when I communicate in general. He is an outstanding teacher."
--a pediatric physician scientist

"Larry's value is truly three-fold: first, he equipped me with tactical tips that I could begin implementing easily and immediately to markedly improve my presentations. Second, he gave me insight on how to create an emotional connection with my audiences so that my material was more powerful and thus, more easily remembered by the executives I train. And, third, he worked with me to outlay a strategic plan on how to build upon my strengths so that the improvements needed could be cemented into habits.
I am grateful for the direction, my audiences are benefiting from his guidance, and I look forward to working with him for many years going forward."

--Christina "CK" Kerley / B2B Marketing Specialist and Featured Speaker at Fortune 500 companies and education institutions
Strategy/Social Media Mobile/Training/Speaking
Get CK's B2B Mobile Guide NOW:

"Will give you more detail soon—but LOTS of good stuff came from Thursday (insights & great feedback!) and wanted you to know you have a ton to be credited for. You are making change with your student. Rock out!"


"Hi Larry. Thanks for reaching out to us. Jack knocked it out of the park with his speech! Working with you was great and helped him a lot. Enjoy the summer!"
Parents of a Manhattan middle school student who was giving his graduation speech.

"I understand that you are working on specific college interview questions now. This is great, as this will also help our son to learn more about himself and to help formulate his college personal statement."
—a Mother hoping her international student son will perfect his speaking skill set.

" I just wanted to let you know that our rehearsal period was one of the most fulfilling, enjoyable and productive adventures in my memory. You took the three of us, a doctor, a lawyer and a business man (sounds like the beginning of a joke!), guided us and shaped us into creating what I believe was a really very professional production! Through a myriad of scheduling conflicts, postponements, and obstacles, we were able with your guidance to keep focused on the goal, and in the end had one of the best experiences of my life! Thank you, kudos....and a very meaningful memory! All the best....P.S. What a great time. Glad to hear you are thriving!"
--Dr. (And actor!) Rick Nierenberg, Emergency Physician, Hackensack University Medical Center

"Working with Larry was a great experience and taught me a lot. As a non-actor, I was reasonably skeptical before the first class but I thought I would give it a try and it was a revelation! Larry's insights were as relevant to my work and presentations as any of the formal training programs I have taken. In a short space of time, with regular practice and some homework, I became a lot more confident delivering presentations. Larry made the classes fun and practical, helping me to develop my own authentic presentation style. Furthermore, he creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere and has great sense of humor. Thanks Larry!”
--A Credit-Suisse Investment Banker


"Larry, the presentation went quite well. Wanted to thank you for your helpful prompts during the limited time we had. Hope to connect with you on many more occasions during the coming months.
--R. S., Managing Director,
Leading European Bank

"It is truly an honor for me to write this about my teacher, Larry Gleason. I am a Senior Manager at my firm. I hope to make Partner one day. The Partnership Process requires me to present a business case to our firm leaders. I have to tell my story several times over the next two years. As a trial run, I was asked to present my story at a conference before a small group of national leaders with only a week's notice. I was at a client in Munich when I received the invitation. I hired Larry Gleason on the phone and we soon got started. Within four days Larry got me ready. Under his guidance I delivered a speech. One that got me noticed. I am a soft-spoken guy. But that day, I walked into an auditorium of 25 people and turned off the microphone. I really wish he was there. I don't make a lot of money. And still, I am making this personal investment in myself because I believe in him and his method.

In short, he is the real deal."

--a CPA, Deloitte Tax LLP

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