In New Mexico: Santa Fe/Albuquerque/Taos by appointment.
Nationally and Internationally: online via FaceTime.
Former NYC area clients: via FaceTime.

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Larry works with Teens and Young Adults on
Acting! Public Speaking!

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Circle In The Square/Talent Unlimited High School Alliance
Spring 2016 Spring 2017 Spring 2018 Spring 2019
Shakespeare on Broadway!

For the past four years, Talent Unlimited High School (TU), a performing Arts high school on the Upper East Side, NYC, has partnered with Circle in the Square Theatre School, 1633 Broadway, NYC, to bring an evening of Shakespearean Scenes to Circle's Broadway stage starring TU students. This program is open to all TU high school students interested in learning how to perform Shakespeare and improve their overall acting abilities. 

Students train with Circle in the Square faculty after school, 2-3 days a week in preparation for an evening performance in late May at the Circle in the Square Theater on Broadway! Larry was honored to helm this program from 2016-2019.

Below are some of the materials used bring the Shakespeare on Broadway! message to the students.
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For Parents!

When Larry was in NYC he worked with parents who wished to have their teen's audition for the various Performing Arts High Schools in the five Boroughs of NYC like LaGuardia, Talent Unlimited, Frank Sinatra, PPAS, etc. Now now he is teaching in Santa Fe, NM. And with the burgeoning film industry in New Mexico and the expanding theater scene, your child may need to prepare as well.

Unsure about your child's talent? Get an honest appraisal of your teen's or young adult's talent. Larry will work with your child or teen in a regular coaching session and review their evaluation with you in a thorough and honest way. You'll know where you stand on what could be a very important decision in your child's or teen's life--and yours.

"Akira is very happy at LaGuardia! Thank you so much for your help."

"Akira's" Mom


"Rocco got into LaGuardia High School" Drama Program. Thank you so much for helping him with his monologues!"

"Rocco's" Mom


"I just wanted to let you know that Atticus had his audition on Wednesday. I was not in the room, but he felt good about how it went. He said that the other kids all seemed to rush through and recite their monologues, rather than really “act.” So, hopefully he will get a call back next month! Thanks so much for working with him on such short notice. And, I will definitely let you know about the callback- we’ll definitely need your coaching again!"

"Atticus' " Mom


"I am delighted that Rae is happy and she has found a teacher that she feels can help her stretch her limits and prepare for the upcoming auditions. I only wish we had found you first!"

"Rea's" Mom


"Larry was fantastic at organizing monologues for entrance into Fiorello Laguardia High School For The Performing Arts. He showed my son how to ace the audition by giving him the tools to rehearse his monologues line by line. Thank u Larry -- we R in!!!"

"Josh's" Mom


"You were terrific; Sarah Beth just got the cast list and she was cast as Miranda! Thanks again."

"Sarah Beth's" Mom
Public Speaking
For Parents!
Private Tutoring available.

Larry has in the recent past taught Public Speaking at St. Hilda's-St. Hugh's School near Columbia University in NYC as part of their after school offerings. More recently Larry worked as a
private tutor as well, serving families in Manhattan, Jersey City and Westchester County. Now, Larry resides in Santa Fe where he can work with your teen or young adult privately by coming to your home or meeting in neutral spaces and work studios near you in north central New Mexico.

Get an honest appraisal of your child's or teen's talent. Larry will work with your child or teen in a regular coaching session and review their evaluation with you in a thorough and honest way.

You'll know where you stand on what could be a very important decision in your child's or teen's life--and yours. Larry will work with you to devise an approach specifically tailored to your child's needs.

Read about Larry in an issue of

Hi Larry. Thanks for reaching out to us. Jack knocked it out of the park with his speech! Working with you was great and helped him a lot. Enjoy the summer!
— Parents of a Manhattan middle school student who was giving his graduation speech

Two summers ago Larry worked with some incredibly bright and remarkable students from
Jersey City, NJ.

The knowledge these future entrepreneurs
held collectively was enough energy to burn a hole in your hard drive!

Their parents, some of whom are pictured left with their kids/young adults, brought to  Larry's attention the need for a private class  to improve their children's public speaking  abilities. The parents knew the value of  getting their children to speak freely and  without fear early so that later in life doing so would be second nature.

Starting with theater games, Larry slowly  introduced to them to how to tell stories, how to engage their bodies to go along with those superior minds and how to organize and give speeches for Larry and their classmates.

Along the way there was some serious fun, but also an introduction to how there is no difference from the way you tell a favorite story to giving a speech that persuades.

Have a group or classroom of your own for  Larry to visit and teach public speaking?  Contact him at
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Once again, thank you so much for helping our son. I think you were really able to develop some fundamentals for him to work with; also, you were able to establish a certain good trust level that he felt quite comfortable in expressing himself. I think that he really enjoyed your lessons. We will see how his school schedule is like and may be in the future we will be asking for more of your help. I will certainly refer you to my friends who may be interested in such coaching.
—a High School parent prepping their son for college
Larry is a very knowledgeable and experienced public speaking tutor. The strategies and tools he teaches are very effective and he has a great rapport with our children. He takes the time to understand their individual needs and has many ideas on how to engage them in a ways that are creative and fun. Since working with Larry they have improved greatly in their abilities to organize their thoughts and are much more confident in their presentation and speaking skills. We have been very pleased with our sessions with Larry and highly recommend him as a tutor.
-J., a Westchester County, NY Mom
Thank you Larry. I really think that our son is enjoying your coaching and taking all your advice to heart. We will continue to reinforce on our end.
—a client whose son I am working with via FaceTime
Thank you so much for all your time and efforts in helping "James" last week. Based on your astute observation and great coaching, I believe he has made good progress. I sincerely appreciate all your valuable feedback and I hope that he will take all your comments to heart. Would be great if you could drop him some written pointers and words of encouragement too.
"James" does seem to be a bit more conversant and ready to share his thoughts too after your sessions. When I asked him if he’d like to continue with your coaching he said “fine”. The fact that he did not resist with the idea is a huge step; it actually means that he finds your sessions helpful and productive. Thank you.
—an international client
All of our son's college applications are in. Fingers crossed for the wait now. Thanks for your help.
—a parent readying their son for college. We prepped him for his interviews.

Thank you, Coach!

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