1993 Tony Award® Nomination
Best Revival

Produced by Circle in the Square (Theodore Mann: Artistic Director; George
Elmer: Managing Director; Paul Libin: Consulting Producer)

Originally produced by Willow Cabin Theatre Company (Edward Berkeley,
Artistic Director; Adam Oliensis, Producing Director; Maria Radman,
Producing Director)

1993 Tony Award® Nomination--Best Revival
1993 Drama Desk Nomination--Best Revival

“For those of us who started careers in the
theatre and long for the purity of that
experience, last night was tonic.  To be part of
an evening so pure in stage magic, so
inventive, entertaining and dependent only on
the human resource was real pleasure.  Thank
you all.  You were wonderful.”  
Robert Redford

“A triumph.  Not since the original members of
The Acting Company made their debut more
than 20 years ago has a group made such a
memorable impression.”  
Associated Press

“Arriving like a surprise holiday gift from a
favorite aunt, an ambitious and commendable
production by the Willow Cabin Theatre
Company.  Willow Cabin's polished staging of
these seldom performed plays not only offers
a rare chance to glimpse the origins of Wilder's
great works to came but also allows them to
shine as small gems on their own. Intelligent.  
The New York Times

“A cast of 23 sparkles.”  
The London Times

“The plays get a fine, brisk production under
the direction of Edward Berkeley.”  
The New Criterion

“There isn’t a flawed performance under the
direction of Edward Berkeley.”  
Village Voice

“Stunningly staged.  Excellent.  In a large
company, everybody should be cited; they are
all superb.”
New York Post

“The plays are performed flawlessly.  The
actors are gifted.”  
The New Yorker

“Excellent. Masterful.  Wilder would be
Punch In International

“Well-acted.  Not a bad stocking stuffer."

“Charming. Powerful.  Edward Berkeley’s
production is seductive.  The company attacks
the plays with verve and freshness, the
evening is quite moving.”  

“The plays are so fresh, fast and well-acted,
they could have been written yesterday.”
New York Magazine
"It proves to be a remarkable healing experience. Seeing these plays at the end at a day that
was dominated by news of a bomb explosion at the World Trade Center, one was somewhat
reassured that the planet might survive after all. We have become so accustomed to plays
with a cast of one or two, that it was exhilarating to see a small stage filled with 24 actors, all
good, in an Off-Broadway production.”                    

Gannett Suburban Newspapers

There is a question at the
heart of these one-act
masterpieces by Thornton
Wilder. How can a person in a
simple life, find meaning in the
aloneness, the grief of his or
her daily existence?

Using plain community
theater devices, Wilder invites
us to look at the ordinary, not
the exceptional life.  From the
perspective of an easily
recognizable situation --
dinner, a car, a train ride --
confront questions of deep
meaning. Do our lives really
change yearly?  What value
does one’s individual life
have? How does death or
near-death change our lives?
How do we find relief as we
live in modern anxiety?  In
these 1931 plays, Wilder asked
questions that prefigured
Samuel Beckett’s searches.  
There aren't answers, only

In rehearsing these plays I
have been amazed and
delighted by the depth of
unsentimental passion
released by Thornton Wilder
with such deftness.  So little –
a few chairs, stairs — leads to
so much insight into the joys
and pains and loneliness of
everyone’s lives.  The hurt
these plays inflict in bringing
us to face our mortality is
balanced by the hope found in
surviving with love.

Edward Berkeley
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Larry Gleason
founding member


Larry Gleason  
founding member
Willow Cabin Theatre Company
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