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Performing Arts

"RE: The Sonnets and our last and very inspiring meeting. Thank
you for helping me with exactly what I wanted and hoped to
achieve. You are a wonderfully patient and forgiving teacher and I
felt very much at ease with you, which allowed me to have that
tiny break-through our last meeting. I hope you are well, and
your art and teaching are as inspiring to you as it was to me."

Patti Onorato,  Teacher,
Turtle Bay Music School

"Thanks for your help on the pieces and the process.  University
of San Diego and University of Delaware were great.  I went in
very much relaxed and in control.  My focus was great.  Now its
the waiting game.   I still have one more to go in for ACA in DC.  
That is in two weeks.  Wish me luck..."

Derrick Sanders, Actor

"Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help, and I had a
great time working with you.  I feel much more comfortable, as
well as excited, about these pieces, and will definitely recommend
you to anyone looking for a coach."

Adam Lerman, Actor

"I just want to thank you once again for being so dedicated to
your work and getting me to where I need to be with my
monologue.  You're great to work with.  Also,  my new
monologues are great."

Sonia Torres, Actor

"Your help was right on, highly accurate and incredible. I got a
big scholarship to study at the Guthrie program in Minneapolis."

Josh Fazeli  Actor, Circle alumnus

"I am doing "Two Noble Kinsmen" this summer (Jailer's
thanks to your help with my Desdemona monologue,
of course!"

Abigail Flynn, Actor, Penn State alumna

"I'm still getting some really good comments on the Short Eyes
monologue we worked on.   I've been told that it's a good piece
for me, that the work was smart with intelligent choices, and that
it was downright creepy and chilling.  In fact, whenever anyone
asks, I have nothing but praise for him as a teacher."

David Wagenheim  Actor (recent film: "Falling")

"I'm very happy to strongly recommend Larry Gleason's
monologue course
which I have just completed. I believe that I
made enormous improvement in my Shakespeare and Pinter
monologues.  Larry's wide knowledge of drama and his broad
experience as an actor along with his warmth and encouragement
were most valuable and the class is challenging yet highly

Dudley Stone  Associate Artistic Director and member of The
Deptford Players and the Gap Theater

"Just wanted to say thanks again for your time,
AND........................they must have liked me cause
I got the
Yes, we'll see how Lady Anne turns out at the end of the
week and I will be in touch for either classes or more private

BTW, yes I have a callback for the other Shakespeare audition
Thanks again!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, I always feel better
after having a session with you!
PS Just booked microsoft print as well as a nokia print campaign
too! YEAH!"

Ana Parsons  Actor, Circle alumna
"Larry Gleason is a consummate actor--focused on his craft,
truthful in his work, generous as a scene partner.  As an actor, I
feel blessed to have shared the stage with him  several times and
eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to do so. I have seen his
work span the gamut from romantic comedy to devastating
tragedy; with wit, warmth and humor he can paint the youthful
picture of Dylan Thomas'
 A Child's Christmas in Wales with all the
colors of  the rainbow, yet give Sir Toby Belch of
Twelfth Night the
deteriorated dignity of Richard Burton.

A class with Larry Gleason will challenge you, invigorate you,
educate you, and above all expect of you the best you have to
bring to the craft of acting."

Kirsti Carnahan  Actor/Singer
Kiss of the Spider Woman (B'way),
StrawHat Auditions

April 2008. "Dear Mr. Gleason, I am a 20-
year old Musical Theatre student from
Vienna, Austria.
In summer I will be in NY
for training. I will be there from 20th of
June till 31st of July. I have come across
your home page when reading through
Circle in the Square School information! As
it is not possible for me to take part in
any of the longer running summer
courses, because I cannot come to NY for
auditioning, I wanted to ask you whether
you would give private lessons and how
much are the rates, as I do want to take
some acting training as well.
Sincerely, Patrizia Leitzoni"

April 2008. "Patrizia:  We can tailor the
private sessions in two ways: 1) frequency
and 2) length. We can set a schedule
frequency to meet your needs, as in once
or twice a week; we can make each
session as long as you would like, as in
one or two hours (or more) in length. We
can tailor session content according to
your needs, as in monologue/audition
work, emotional exploration, cold
reading/audition work, text analysis work--
or a combination of all these areas.
Additionally, that content can be with
contemporary or classical material or both.
If you would like to work on songs, there
are two ways to go about this.  First, we
can work text-only, either
a cappella or with
you bringing in pre-recorded
accompaniment. Secondly, if you would
like a live accompanist, it would mean an
additional cost to that which is explained
above to cover their fee and a rental
studio with a piano. I do not work on
music theory or vocal production; I work
on song interpretation. Ultimately, no
matter what we put together for you, it's
all about you and your needs and what
you want to accomplish while here in NYC.
Let me know if this works for you. If it
does, we can go further into customizing
your studies when you are here.
Thank you for your inquiry.

--And so Patrizia worked with me in June and

Late July 2008. "Hey Larry, just wanted
you to know, I had the audition with Circle
today and they said I could take part (for
next summer)!!! So thanks again for the
great work we did!!! I wrote in my
application your name as one who would
act to recommend me, as you allowed and
Colin said,  “this is fine and you do not
have to write anything” because of course,
they know you :). Thanks again!!! I will
write you again when I will be back in
Greetings, Patrizia :))
"I have finally heard back from schools
so I thought I would keep you posted! I
was accepted into Montclair State
University and Rider University for Musical
Theater! I'll probably wind up going to
Rider. It's a good fit for me and it is about
an hour from New York which is good. I
am still waiting to hear back about the Full
Ride Acting Scholarship at Rider University.
If I get that, then I'll be going for Acting
instead of Musical Theater.

I was also recently cast as John in Peter
at the Paper Mill Playhouse! So, I am
excited to start working on that. Once
college starts up in the fall, I will definitely
start back up with some acting classes with
you. I want to try to work on some
film/television stuff.

Josh Pins,  actor
"Hey its Jaclyn. I just wanted to let you know I got called back
for the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.
So at the next call back
I'll do the same thing I did at the first audition, but for the
production staff. If I make it past that I'll have a dance call and
sides from the shows in the season, probably from
Twelfth Night
Timon of Athens. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your

Jaclyn Blythe, actor

"I just wanted to tell you the good news, since you helped me so
much in preparing for Grad Schools.  I got accepted to
State University...or as the kids say "Cal State."  They offered me
a really great package: they waived my full tuition and they are
giving me a $10,200 a year stipend for an assistant-ship to teach
acting to non-majors.   I'm so excited about the teaching and the
film and TV training (they have a sound studio on campus) and
being in California ('cause my boyfriend and I will finally be able
to live together).

So I just want to thank you for everything.  I really could not have
done this without your help.  With the choosing of monologues
and basically teaching me a crash course in how to make sense of
Shakespeare, you helped me get into a school.

Thank you again Larry.  I sent a few friends your way, I couldn't
help bragging about you."

Julie Cardia, actor, singer, teacher


"I just wanted to let you know that Atticus
had his audition on Wednesday.
I was not
in the room, but he felt good about how it
went. He said that the other kids all
seemed to rush through and recite their
monologues, rather than really “act.” So,
hopefully he will get a call back next month!
Thanks so much for working with him on
such short notice.   And, I will definitely let
you know about the callback-
definitely need your coaching again!"

"Atticus's " Mom

"I am delighted that Rae is happy and she
has found a teacher that she feels can help
her stretch her limits and prepare for the
upcoming auditions.  
I only wish we had
found you first!"

"Rea's" Mom

"Larry was fantastic at organizing
monologues for entrance into
Laguardia High School For The Performing
He showed my son how to ace the
audition by giving him the tools to rehearse
his monologues line by line.
Thank u Larry -- we R in!!!"

"Josh's" Mom

"You were terrific; Sarah Beth just got the
cast list and she was cast as Miranda!
Thanks again."

"Sarah Beth's" Mom
These are the many ways people have reached me.  Hopefully one of these descriptions captures what you are looking for and why you have come to my page. They know me to be a
New York City Acting Teacher. I teach at Circle In The Square. My classes include  Text Analysis. Shakespeare. Classical Text. I am a New York City Acting Coach specializing in Classical
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I am well-versed on William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's Sonnets, The Sonnets.
I have recorded mp3 Sonnets, Spoken Word Sonnets--The Sonnets read aloud or Sonnets in audio.

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Actor Sunday Specials 2015

$76 per hour session
include studio cost!

Now on Sundays in 2015
August 9, 16, 23
September 6, 13, 20, 27
slots available--book now

* 9am, 10am, 11 am slots $76.  Studio
prices rise slightly for afternoon sessions.

Slots are available for one-on-one or group
Claim an hour or more for yourself or for
your group.  
Work solo or with your group on
monologues, scenes or
cold readings for theater, film and TV.

Call 917.549.5173
to secure your slot.

Can't make it to the Specials?
Larry is available other days and times at
regular rates:
$75 plus cost of studio rental, if needed, at
any Manhattan location.

How To Book
with Larry

Click Here.
Click here for
Public Speaking Coaching


"I just got back from my BU audition and it went really well! I
was just the right amount of nervous so it wasn't hindering me
but still kept me awake and excited. The guy I auditioned for was
actually the Shakespeare teacher, and after my monologues were
over he asked how i think I did, and I said "I think I did good!"
and he said "Well I'd have to agree with you!" So we talked for
about 10 minutes and at the end he said that he rarely ever feels
like he can get a good sense of who the prospective students are,
but that he really feels like he knows me as an artist and a
person and he just wanted me to know that. (Which was so
awesome that just tickled me) So I feel good. Of course, i'm my
own worst critic so I think that I could have done other things
better but I'm sure I came across fine.

Just thought I should let you know!"

(a few weeks later....)

"I just wanted to let you know that come fall I'll be studying at
Santa Fe University of Art and Design. I got a killer scholarship
thanks to your audition help!
Anyway, as soon as I go to Santa Fe
they have main stage production auditions right away. I was
wondering if you were going to be free soon to just work on some
new monologues and play around with them so I have a bunch of
material with me when I go to Santa Fe.

(a few weeks later...)

"From the moment I stepped off the plane I've been immersed
in acting.  I auditioned the day after I moved in for the season.  I
got call backs for every single show this season.  EVERY SINGLE
SHOW!  Which is pretty awesome! I just want to thank you for
helping me out!"

Rachel, aspiring actor

"Hi Larry, this is Lola (Anna and the Tropics). Just wanted to let u
know that thanks to u I aced the audition.  It was for the Stella
Adler School. They said I had "chops!" I was thrilled,
thanks so

Doris Lola Martir, actor

"Well, I auditioned on Saturday and it went very well. I got a
callback yesterday!
There was a group of 15 of us in an
ensemble. But they only bring in no more than 10 people to
complete the ensemble. So now it's a waiting game.
They told all of us that we'd know by the end of March. But your
work with me got me through the audition and the callback! I
didn't rush either of the monologues. I took my time. I actually
had fun. I did what I did, because I am an actor. Plain and
Thank you so much!"

-------- One Week Later -------

"I thought I'd write and let you know that BC just called and
offered me a place in their Fall 2013 MFA program!
My official
letter is coming in the mail later this week, but Professor Vivier
wanted to call me and let me know. I told her I 'informally accept!'

Again, I would not have been able to do it without your help!

Allen Hale, actor

"Hi Larry, I got the part!  The role--it should be a hoot. I will be
in touch about working once we get the script."

Rita, an actor

"I've been auditioning like crazy!
I wanted to thank you so much for helping me select
monologues. I've received lots of positive feedback on the
material I chose! One of the people I auditioned for said he'd
been waiting years for someone to walk in with the material that I
had chosen. Thank you so much. I will keep you posted if I need
further coaching!
Thank you again and I look forward to working with you soon."

Nicole Gvoth, actor

"You were the first in helping me get back into the biz.  Fast
forward 2 1/2 years later,  I still use the monologue you coached
me on, which by the way got me a personal manager and a role
on an Independent film, which by the way got me a Personal
Manager and a role on an Independent Film,  a Guest Starring
Role on CBS' Blue Blood, Episode 2.18 and a role in upcoming
Feature Film "Dead Man Down" Starring Colin Farrell and Terrence
Howard, Directed by Niels Arden Oplev."

J. Santiago, actor,

"I was accepted into
the Bachelor of
Performing Arts  
program at Capilano
University in
 So thank
you again for all the
work you helped me

Sigourney McAuley,
actor, Vancouver,


"I was accepted in to the AADA
(American Academy of Dramatic Arts!).

Luis Garcia Palmi, actor who flew in from
Spain to improve his monologue choices
and to audition here in NYC.
How To Book
with Larry

"First, but not foremost, Larry's range and insight as an actor
astonishes me.
 In production after production with Willow Cabin, Larry
shows so many colors, so much heart and proves to be such a great
colleague. He is thoughtful, demanding and challenges everyone
around him to be better, to bring more to their performances just as
he does with his own work.

Now as teacher, Larry is helping more and more people find more in
text and life on stage.  People who work with him develop a depth and
a clarity in thinking and feeling that illumines the written word with
great humanity."

Edward Berkeley  Director
(Aspen Opera Theater Center), Teacher
(Juilliard Undergraduate Opera Studies, Circle In The Square)

"Larry Gleason is the first actor I would consider in casting. He is also
the first teacher I encourage my students and others to take from in
New York.
 He's a smart, fun, and incredibly talented actor. And I know
from having taught alongside him and from the comments I get back
from those I send to him, that his teaching is as consummate as his
acting. For my money and time, there simply isn't a better teacher of
acting in New York."

Scott LaFeber
Director,  Emerson College Associate Professor (2005-
present), B.A., Colgate University; M.F.A., University of Texas, Austin,

"Hey, so you can't argue with results. Got the part.  But either way,
really enjoyed the process of working with the script. Puts me at ease,
gives me lots of ideas, makes me much more comfortable with the
situation and the language of the audition, and let's me know what I'm
in for. Will call you soon about more sessions."

Bill Santiago, Comedy Central Standup and Author, "PARDON MY
SPANGLISH ¡Porque Because!"

"Larry, I had a great experience in your class! From what I remember,
pacing myself, breathing, and building action from thought were some
of my issues, and also trusting my ability to execute the material, like
the Midsummer/Hermia monologue...hopefully I'll get to participate in
one of your classes again."

Trisha Jeffrey,   Actor, Circle alumna, Rent, Little Shop of Horrors,
Caroline or Change

"I was so affected by yesterday's exercise that I haven't been able to
stop thinking about it! I'm very grateful to you. That was such an
amazing experience. I don't think I can effectively put it into words
yet, but I just have to tell you tha
t I had a HUGE breakthrough about
self-consciousness....This exercise shed a new light on things, and
made me realize WHY... And that's half the battle, isn't it? Thanks,
Larry. I definitely look forward to working with you again."

Patrick Cann, Actor, Circle Alumni

"I just want to thank you for the help and I wanted to let you know
that they (New York Film Academy) loved what they saw from my
I got the scholarship so thank you I really appreciate it."

Ike Rice, actor

"Thanks for our session on Sunday (weekend special).  It really helped
a lot and reminded me how easy it can be to work on a speech."

Dave Burdett, Actor, Emerson grad

"Congratulations on your technique being 'invisible' and seamless.  I
tried it today on a talent agent and he liked what I did.  He's calling
me to come in and sign with his agency. They're big on theater and
TV/film.  Thank you for your coaching.  I will be contacting you when I
book a major role, for coaching and for encouragement."

J. Santiago, Actor

"Thank you for all the work we did this summer. I want you to know
that I really appreciate all the help you gave me.  Working with you
really helped me to understand some of the things I need to work on
and I have a better grasp now on how to tackle a monologue.  I hope
to contact you again in the future for continued coaching. Thank you
very, very much."

Krista Buccellato, Actor, Emerson grad

"I've had the pleasure to work with Larry not only as his student, but
also on stage acting beside him.  Larry coached me on monologue
preparation, as well as scene work for numerous auditions.  What
makes him such an excellent teacher is the fact that he's an excellent
actor who knows how to communicate with the students he coaches.  
He just gets 'it,' making sure you do too. "

Kurt Bauccio  Actor, numerous current commercials, Circle alumnus

"Larry is quite a talented actor and coach-I've seen Larry on stage,
and I've worked with him in a class at Circle in the Square.  He's
particularly experienced and knowledgeable with the classics.  Most
importantly, he's worked steadily at various theatres in the Northeast
over the past few years and received terrific reviews for his work.

He's one of the few people I would highly recommend.  After all, we
can always continue to brush up monologues, work on new ones, and
just generally stay creatively stimulated, excited about the work.  He
also offers private coaching for those of you less interested in a class

Dana Benningfield  Actor,
Director (NJ Rep), Circle alumna

"I just wanted to tell you that my audition with the agent went very
She paid me a lot of nice compliments! So, thank you for your
help.  I would like to work again during your Monday afternoon

Natalie Smyka  Actor

"Working with Larry has sharpened my skills tremendously on cold
as well as by taking those tools from our sessions and
applying them to the rigors of making very specific choices on text I
only received minutes before. I have a much more discerning approach
to copy when auditioning which has upped my game considerably in
this arena. I have found my individual and/or class work with Larry to
be exceedingly rewarding both personally and professionally.  

His ability to dissect a monologue or scene to get right to the kernel of
the piece gives incredible freedom to the actor to then make that piece
their own."

Amy Gaipa  Actor (Titanic), Circle alumna

"Thank you for coming to my rescue for my Shakespeare auditions. I
have had a good year."

Donald Panella  Actor, Circle Alumnus

"Larry's classes are infused with his passion and devotion to the
Larry has taught me in a number of capacities -- in the formal
setting of Circle in the Square Theatre School, in private classes and
individual coaching sessions.  I have now been acting professionally for
four years and Larry's creative guidance remains essential to my craft.  

He is deeply committed to his students and brings his warm and
generous spirit to all of his work.  Both challenging and encouraging,
Larry is an amazing acting teacher!"

Jessica Greenberg  Toronto-based Actor, Circle alumna

"I loved the class and it was very helpful!  Thank you for your
excellent tutalage!  I would like to join again in the future and possibly
meet for private monologue coaching."

Rebecca Eddy  Actor

"Thank you so much for your help with our scene night cuts.  They're
really wonderful-you were dead on! I appreciate how attentive you were
to our needs as characters and how quickly you got back to us.  You're
great!  All my best..."

Rachel Kincaid   Actor, Circle student

"Larry opened my eyes to the language of Shakespeare and Moliere in
a way I never thought I would see it. I was always hesitant to dive into
classical text because of my fear of it but Larry taught me how to not
only understand the process but how to enjoy the work as well. "

Jordan Burnett  Actor/Singer, Emerson College

"It has been a privilege working with you this year at Circle.  You
always bring the most profound insight to every character and play we
work on.  But what has been more valuable to me as your student is
the gift you have for sharing this insight in a way that activates me as
an actor and immediately informs my understanding and portrayal of
my character.

It was an invaluable experience for me and a pleasure working with

Natalie Blackman  Actor, Circle student

"Larry's passion and dedication to acting is both inspiring and
 He is an intelligent and sensitive actor which makes him
an incredible acting teacher."

Nina Millin  Actor, Circle alumna

"Thank you so much for all that you did; you are a very effective
I will keep you in mind for one-on-one coaching.  Thank you
for helping me finally update my monologue repertoire! Good class

Cara Maltz  Actor, singer

"I went to an audition on Wednesday in Boston --it went so well!!!  I
tried everything you suggested and it helped more than you know. So
thanks for everything- and I'll be in touch to schedule another
coaching session."

Rana Kay  Actor

"I just got cast in a very interesting play called "The Physicists" and
it's by Frederich Durrenmatt. All of that text analysis on the playwright
work that we did was so useful in this process. As well as the
examinations. I feel like I understand the play and my character in
great detail.
Thought I'd just let you know."

Micaele Johnson  Actor

"Hi Larry,  I got into Circle In The Square!  I am very excited and
thrilled.  Thank you again for helping me prepare and writing my
reference.  I appreciate it and am very much looking forward to your
class next year!  

Elyssa Ackerman, Actor