Willow Cabin Theatre Company Personal Reviews
(left, front row:) as 'Tomtom' with
Tasha Lawrence, Joe Pacheco, (back
row:) Angela Nevard, John Billeci in
Goose and Tomtom
photo: New York Magazine
John Bolger (left) and Larry Gleason
as 'Moe' and 'Tommy', respectively, in
The Ages Of Man: Infancy
photo: Village Voice

by Thornton Wilder
staged in NYC

"Luckily, the opener's two toddlers, Larry Gleason and John Bolger, strike
the right note from the minute they poke their heads out of their curtained
carriages, and go on to prove commendable adults, with Bolger a dashing,
articulately panicked Gulliver, and Gleason a touchingly rueful father in
Michael Feingold/Village Voice

by Andre Obey
translated by Thornton Wilder
staged in NYC

“Then there is the acting - or, rather, the actor.  Larry Gleason has been
with Willow Cabin  for as long as we can remember, and he is one of the
American theater’s best-kept secrets, standing out in each of the
company’s productions with his skillful versatility.  This highly gifted
actor, whose looks and talent bring Kevin Spacey to mind, offers such
natural line readings as the second narrator in Lucrece that everything he
says is fundamentally convincing. It is the drama that Gleason

“The dramatic power of the play derives from its narrators, in particular,
Larry Gleason, lending the proceedings an appropriate tone of sober
perception, understanding and sadness.”  
The New York Times

by Dylan Thomas
adapted to the stage by Jeremy Brooks and Adrian Mitchell
staged in NYC and on tour

“Gleason has a rich baritone voice, which help give the simple, sometimes
silly events he describes resonance.”
Howard Kissel/New York Daily News

“A large measure of the Willow Cabin production's success is owed to
Larry Gleason's sympathetic portrayal of Dylan Thomas.  Mr. Gleason
moves with imperceptible ease between the exuberance of a child
contemplating Christmas and the grown poet recalling with quiet
fondness a time when "it snowed for 6 days and 6 nights when I was 12,
or was it 12 days and 12 nights when I was 6?"
Wilborn Hampton/The New York Times

“Larry Gleason is ruddy perfection.  Round-faced, lazy-lidded, with a wry
smile and flawless accent, he is the personification of what a Welsh
leading man should be, every bit as effective Hopkins might be, or Burton,
and maybe not that far from Connery in much younger days.  The strength
of Gleason’s persona is the glue that holds it all together and gently wafts
the evening aloft like Santa’s sleigh.”
Aisle Say Internet Stage Reviews/ David Spencer

“Larry Gleason is smilingly reminiscing as the young Dylan.”
Clive Barnes/New York Post

“In a 180 degree turn around from his edgy work in Willow Cabin’s
Goose and Tomtom, Larry Gleason makes both a sweetly anticipatory
child and a wistful adult.”
This Month on Stage

“The fine cast is headed by Larry Gleason—superb as Dylan Thomas, man
and child.”
Irene Backalenick/BackStage

“The superb ensemble of Willow Cabin regulars is headed by Larry
Gleason, who is absolutely wonderful as young Dylan.”
D.L. Lepidus/The Westsider

“The performances are excellent, especially Larry Gleason as Dylan
Donald Collester/NJ Public Radio WDVR-FM

“Particularly fine was Larry Gleason’s Dylan, plunging his hands in the
snows of memory, rediscovering the delight of the boy through the
yearning of the man.”

“Young Dylan is marvelously portrayed by Larry Gleason.”
Laurie Lawson/Punch-In International

by William Shakespeare
staged in Washington DC (Wolf Trap) and New York

“Larry Gleason has a genuine command of his role ‘Malvolio.’  Imperious,
petulant and increasingly ridiculous, Gleason captures his character’s
inflated sense of self, giddy lovesickness and eventual deflation.”  
Washington Post

“The comic gold of Twelfth Night is in the part of  ‘Malvolio,’ and the top-
hatted Larry Gleason is in 24-carat form.  Mr. Gleason moves like a
pompous yacht entering harbor, and his mouth looks like it’s just sucked
10 lemons.  He makes Malvolio’s speeches drip with vanity and excessive
decorum; when Olivia bids him hurry after Viola, he utters the word “run”
as if he’s never met a more appalling idea.”
Washington Times

“The Willow Cabin Theatre Company, now in its eighth season, offers
several strong performances.  Larry Gleason is supremely dour as the
yellow-stockinged Malvolio.”
The New Yorker

"Larry Gleason has merit and consistency in his playing.”   
New York Post

“Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this production is Larry Gleason’s
portrayal of the much maligned Malvolio.  Mr. Gleason captures the multi-
faceted character with skill and comedy, crafting a person whom we
laugh at, yet endearing enough to pity.  Malvolio’s problematic final scene
is an obstacle course for the audience member, and very often a
stumbling block for the actor, yet Mr. Gleason is able to maneuver
through the pitfalls with a deft hand.”
Punch-in International

“Fueled by excellent performances, most notably that of Larry Gleason as
Columbia Daily Spectator

by David Rabe
staged in NYC

“The performances were designedly rough, tough and vigorous.  Larry
Gleason’s ‘Tomtom,’ a machismo simpleton of paranoia and cunning,
found a perfect second banana in Joe Pacheco’s whining, supplicating
‘Goose.’ ”
New York Post

“The one undeniable fact is that the cast is stupendous.  Tremendous
effort goes into bringing Goose and Tomtom to the stage, and this cast did
it marvelously.”
Punch-in International

“The performances are excellent, particularly Joe Pacheco as ‘Goose’ and
Larry Gleason as  ‘Tomtom.’ ”
Town and Village

“Goose and Tomtom belong to the murky underworld of of crime, violence
and brutal survival tactics.  Tomtom (Larry Gleason) is clearly the
dominant factor, violent behavior almost bubbling to the surface....we’re
talking really tough."
Off-Off Broadway Review

"Although Rabe writes brilliantly, he needs virtuoso actors to do him well.
He has them here in Larry Gleason (Tomtom, who is dumb), and Joe
Pacheco (Goose, who's dumber). Both actors were extraordinary in
releasing frantic energy and playing affection and violence off each
Marshall Yeager/OOBR

“As Tomtom, Larry Gleason reveals the naked fear beneath his
character's machismo.  Indeed, he makes clear that it’s the fear that
makes him so dangerous.”
WRSU-FM radio Rutgers NJ

by Eugene O’Neill
Staged in NYC, Washington DC (Wolf Trap) and Albany NY

“While the emphasis is on ensemble acting, some performances deserve
noting.  Larry Gleason as a Swedish sailor who thinks he’s finally put the
seafarer’s life behind him until he’s coaxed into taking a fatal drink has a
smiling reticence that proves highly appealing in
The Long Voyage
David Richards/ The New York Times

“Perhaps best of all was the trustful Swede, Olson, of Larry Gleason, who
laced the character’s dumb openness with a remote and wintry dignity;
he added a quiet complexity and inwardness to the man that one hopes
would have delighted O’Neill.”
Donald Lyons/The New Criterion

“While singling out members of the strong corps seems unfair, the
following deserve special mention:  the deft portrayal of a sailor in
Long Voyage Home
: Larry Gleason.

“Larry Gleason is engaging as the innocent and ill fated Swede, Olson,
who stays a little too long amongst the hustlers, whores and thieves.”
Actors Resource

“Larry Gleason is particularly touching as Olson, the good-natured Swede
who will probably never see his beloved farm again.”
Julius Novick/New York Newsday

“Larry Gleason stands out…”
Clive Barnes/New York Post

“In The Long Voyage Home, Larry Gleason played Olson, the sailor who
is rolled and shanghaied, with a dignity, warmth and humor which we
don't often associate with O’Neill.”  
Michael Paller/ New York Native

by Moliere
staged in NYC

"Of course, having been so much talked about, Tartuffe has a lot to live
up to when he appears in Act Three, but Larry Gleason is ready for the
challenge, and his entrance brings a new physicality to the production.  
Whenever he is onstage, the play brims with energy and comic action that
has the audience rocking with laughter."
William Ruhlman / New York Tribune

"Larry Gleason, as Tartuffe, applies just the right amount of grease to his
maneuvers and is wonderfully lascivious swinging a pendulous crucifix
between his legs."
Laurie Stone/Village Voice

by Louise Page
"Beautifully acted.  The yeoman Larry Gleason slid effortlessly from
officious secretaries to tentative visitors, a caring brother, tongue-tied
father and obnoxious insensitive doctor  "
Dorothy Chansky/TheatreWeek

"Strong believable performances...a powerful presentation...Larry
Gleason boldly takes on all the male characters, the insensitive doctor,
the ex-lover, Sally's brother..."
Laurie Lawson/Punch-in International

by William Shakespeare

"There are strong portrayals in other main roles...Larry Gleason is a
beguilingly bemused Touchstone (and a credible Adam).
Wilborn Hampton/The New York Times
Larry Gleason


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