Grand Canyon Dories
Aug/Sep 09

Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch
Phantom Ranch to Diamond Creek
Grand Canyon Dories Slideshows

Below are slideshows with music.  There is something about seeing these pictures
underscored with music that changes the way they are seen.  Time passes
differently.  Hopefully, if you have taken a dory or traveled by other means in the
canyon, this will take you back to that time.

Originally, this was produced as an iPhoto slideshow.  It was a seamless show in
only two parts, one for each of the two groups that made up the 15-day trip.  It
worked very well and I couldn’t wait to share it. Unfortunately, it was only viewable
on my computer. That forced me to reduce the file size of each picture so I could fit
them to various slideshow programs on the web. None panned out as they each
had file size limitations, even after the photos were compressed to the smallest
possible size. (I refused to compress them to the point where the passion would be
lost.) I tried iDVD but there were picture quality problems there, too. I tried iMovie
but it reduced the quality of the pictures to grainy worthlessness.  

I turned to PowerPoint because it kept the integrity of the pictures. Still, it crashed
when I tried to load more than 60 photos in any one file.  That is why the slideshow
is broken up into segments as dictated by the length of each music cut.  

To view the slideshows you have to put yourself on canyon time.  If you have been
on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, you know what that means. So try to
find some time to see the episodes consecutively. If you have enough file space,
consider saving them all first. There is great reward in doing so. So that you know
what you are seeing, consider downloading the two Word documents that list the
pictures.  Each slideshow download will take between 3-5 minutes with a cable
modem.  (If you are still on a 56K modem, you will be out of luck.)   Then turn the
sound up or put the headphones on, click on the Powerpoint Slideshow button, sit
back, relax and exhale a hearty “Dories, ho!”

These files have a .pptx extension.  That means it was packaged for shared
viewing. The presentation and all of its linked files — such as images, sound, and
movies —are in one folder. If you don’t have PowerPoint, you will need a free
PowerPoint viewer.
Go to Microsoft’s download center or try these links.
Here’s where you can download it.
for macs:
Grand Canyon Dories
Aug/Sept 2009
Lees Ferry/Phantom Ranch

Picture List 1-8

-1- Lees Ferry to House Rock Rapids

-2- Boulder Narrows to South Canyon

-3- South Canyon Beach to below
Redwall Cavern

-4- Thirty-four Mile to Saddle Canyon

-5- Saddle Canyon to Triple Alcoves

-6- Nankoweap to Little Colorado River

-7- Little Colorado River to Granite

-8- Granite Gorge to Above Salt Creek
Grand Canyon Dories
Aug/Sept 2009
Phantom Ranch/Diamond Creek

Picture List 9-15

-9- Above Salt Creek Camp to Crystal

-10- After the Jewels to Stephen Aisle

-11- Blacktail Canyon to Stone Creek

-12- Stone Creek to after Kanab Creek

-13- Havasu Creek--home of the
blue-green waters

-14- Tuckup to Whitmore Wash

-15- 208 Mile to Diamond Creek
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What is a dory?
Outdoor Adventure River
Specialists (OARS), with
whom I traveled, has
their answer here:
or try here:
Webster's Online
or here:

What is a dory?
Here is my answer.
The Dory is small. It has
no motor. It holds four
people plus the oarsman,
whose oar skills, save for
the river itself, are the
only method of
propulsion. Modeled after
the tiny sea-going
Portuguese fishing boat,
it is hardwood-hulled.  At
Lees Ferry we stepped
into dories that were the
closest relatives to the
ones that ventured down
the Grand Canyon in its
early days of exploration.
Our four dories were
handmade by the men
who rowed them: Sean,
Judd, Bruce and Rondo
They told us that their
dories were the most
intimate option for
experiencing the river in
the Grand Canyon -- or
any other river for that
matter. Unlike the stories
that usually come from
the tongues of dorymen,
this was the truth.  The
dories cut the Colorado
and rode low on the
river.  We glided in still
passages.  We were
shaken to our very core
on the rapids. That's
because the dory
became part of the flow.  
We could reach down
and touch the Colorado.  
It reciprocated on the
rapids, out of a kind of
respect, crashing full
force into our laps, our
faces and our hearts.
It was a natural high.
It was pure cold joy.  
Motorless, it was the
perfect vessel in which to
wonder minute by
minute, hour by hour,
day by day about the
intense quiet, the
profound solitude and
the overwhelming
magnificence of the
Grand Canyon.  We lost
our present cares, we
traveled deep into   
earth's undeniable past
and we contemplated
our individual, previously
unimagined futures.

Where did we camp?  
Where did we eat lunch?  
Where did we stop?  
Where did we hike?
Where did we howl at the moon?

Grand Canyon
Camp/Hike/Lunch places

Day 1
Leave Radisson, Flagstaff, AZ
Lunch in a van on US 89
Put in at Lee’s Ferry
Camp at 20 Mile/Georgie’s Camp

Day 2
Morning hike North Canyon/water pools
Lunch just past Indian Dick
early camp 31.5 Mile South Canyon (view of Vesey’s Paradise)
evening hike South Canyon/petroglyphs

Day 3
Morning hike Stanton’s Cave
Redwall Canyon
Lunch at Martha’s Rest
Cave exploration for dam building (Tatahatso)
Camp at Lower Saddle Canyon

Day 4
Morning hike up Saddle Canyon/slot canyon/water pools
Lunch at Nankoweap
Hike to Graneries
Larry loses it a little
Camp at Above LCR (Little Colorado River)
Night storytelling and moon howling

Day 5
LCR hike/float
Hike Carbon Canyon
Lunch after hike
Camp at Below Neville’s Right

Day 6
Hance, Sockdolager, Grapevine, Zoroaster Rapids
Lunch at Phantom Ranch
Goodbye to some; hello to new ones
Moon River/Mooned River
Camp 92 Mile-Above Salt Creek

Day 7
Horn Creek, Granite, Boucher Rapids
Lunch before Tuna Creek Rapid
The Gems
Hike Bass Canyon
Camp before Bass Rapid-Ross Wheeler

Day 8
Morning hike South Bass Trail to Ross Wheeler boat
Lunch and hike at Elves Canyon
Hike up Blacktail Canyon-Native American ‘Cathedral’ and The Great
Sean’s 50th
Camp at Upper Blacktail Camp

Day 9
½ day rapids
Lunch, hike and camp at Stone Creek—waterfalls and climbing

Day 10
Short river day
Major hike Tapeats Creek, Thunder River (waterfall), Surprise Valley
(desert), descent into Deer Creek—waterfalls and pools
Camp at Doris-138 Mile

Day 11
Hike up Kanab Creek to ‘Whispering Springs’
Meltdown in the Muav:
Bill breaks his arm; he and Aleene helicoptered out
Lunch? I know we had it, but where?
Camp at Below Kanab-145 Mile

Day 12
Lunch at Last Chance
Hike into Havasu Creek
Camp at Tuckup

Day 13
Lava Falls
We almost lose Amy
Lunch at Below Lower Lava (Tequila beach)
Whitmore Wash
Camp at Hualapai Acres-194 Mile
More moon howling
Larry writes a song
Welcome to Hualapai Acres

Day 14
Lunch at no name beach between 205 rapid and 209 rapid
Hike at Three Springs Canyon
Float at Three Springs Rapid
Camp at Middle 220-Mile

Day 15
Take out day at Diamond Creek
Lunch in a van on Rte 66
Final Goodbyes
Camp at Radisson (or wherever)
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"Dory" is a name
that signifies or is derived from:
'a gift from God.'

Webster's Online Dictionary


So high in the air
So dry in the sky
I am drowning
Yet I am alive.

Larry Gleason 2009
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